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Zorina, owner of Tickety Box, with Adam Welcome! I’m Zorina, the owner of Tickety Box. I live in the seaside town of Worthing, on the South coast of England with my husband and son.

I absolutely love a birthday party! It’s a great occasion to get friends and family together to celebrate. But planning a party isn’t done in a night, right? It takes time and energy, searching for the right products which can make the whole process stressful!

So how would you feel if I said that party planning was actually as simple as opening a box? Yes, opening a box! I’ve designed our unique party kits so that organising a party can once again be a fun and exciting experience for you and the birthday child.

The birthday child is at the heart of my design. I want them to:

  • Love the delivery box when it arrives as a wrapped present.
  • Feel special when they open the box and find their name on a gift tag.
  • Get excited as they pull each product out of the box and decorate the party table and room.
  • Play themed games together with friends.
  • Be amazed at the themed party food.
  • Share their friend’s excitement as they explore their party bag.
  • Show kindness by thanking their friends for attending.

The party kits come in a wide range of themes and all the products have been carefully selected from reputable companies. Your party kit, has been specially designed to ensure it includes everything you need, including tableware, decorations, accessories and party bags. However, that’s not all. You’ve got the products but where’s the useful information, ideas and support in actually ‘planning a party’? That’s where our bespoke booklets take our kit one step further and become your partner to your party.

That’s my story. Now let’s focus on making your child’s birthday truly special.

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