Celebrating Halloween During Covid-19

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Covid-19 is yet again trying to dampen our spirits, as we look to celebrate Halloween. However, like most other occasions, the country seeks to find alternative ways to ensure we can still have a Spooktacular one! Believe it or not, many Halloween traditions can still go ahead such as fancy dress, decorating your house, playing games, filling a bucket with treats and even a party; well a virtual one. So, if your planning on celebrating at home this year, we’ve got plenty of ideas to keep your little ghouls entertained so don’t they miss out.

Keeping Safe

First and most importantly, if you are venturing out to celebrate Halloween, please stay safe. Adhere to the current Government guidelines.

Virtual Monster Bash

It looks as though a big monster bash in your home, is out of the question! This is where we rely on those video platforms, to save the day yet again. There’s plenty of fun to be had, even at a virtual party. Put together a Halloween playlist for a ‘BOO’gie with friends. Host a fancy-dress competition or just encourage the children to parade in front of the camera to show off their outfit to each other. With some forward planning, activities can take place too. Consider carving or decorating a pumpkin, making something tasty to eat or doing a craft activity. It’s even possible to view a ‘scary’ film simultaneously with friends. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other online streaming platforms can all be viewed with other people using third party apps to synchronise the streams. Amazing!

Halloween Themed Food

Did you know that Halloween food can be devilishly delicious! A great way to entertain the children is to get them involved in making or decorating Halloween dishes; cupcakes and biscuits are simple and a firm favourite. We’ve created 10 themed dishes that are bound to make your family scream at the party table!

Halloween Themed Games and Activities

Children love nothing more than playing spooky games and making creepy crafts, each of which can be adapted for different ages groups. The obvious activity at Halloween, is to carve a pumpkin. If carving isn’t your thing, then why not decorate with paint and glitter instead? These would look great on any party table or placed in a window. Halloween screams out for fancy dress and children love this part! I’m sure your child knows exactly what they’d like to be; a ghost, Frankenstein, a zombie or a witch. The options are endless. With Halloween at the end of Half Term, there’s plenty of time to get creative. To help entertain your little ones, we’ve put together a Top 10 Halloween Games and Activities.

Trick or Treating Alternatives

Although this is often the most exciting part of Halloween for any child, going out to Trick or Treat is being discouraged this year. However, children do not have to be left disappointed. Check out our Top 5 Alternatives to Trick or Treating.

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