Top 5 Alternatives to Trick or Treating

Halloween trick or treat bucket

Although this is often the most exciting part of Halloween for any child, going out to Trick or Treat is being discouraged this year. However, children do not have to be left disappointed! Here’s 5 alternatives to getting those treats!

1. BOO Your Neighbours!

This idea has been around for a while but I think it might be more popular this year. To BOO someone is a fun way to share the Halloween fun with friends, family or neighbours. You simply put together a bag of Halloween treats along with a note saying "You’ve been BOO'd". Once it gets dark, you sneak to their door, ring the bell, leave the treat on their doorstep and RUN! If you receive a 'BOO', you put a note on your door to say "We've been BOO'd". This is a great way to spread the Halloween cheer! Keep you and your recipient safe. With Covid-19 on the rise again, try to keep this form of contact as safe as possible.

2. Halloween Treasure Hunt

This was my son’s first year to experience trick or treating so he’s a little disappointed! To make it super fun, I decided to create a treasure hunt. He’s got to listen to the clue and find his treats around the house. Alternatively, create your own or look online.

Cheeky ghosts that like to say BOO
Have gone and hidden all your clues.
Read the clue but please don’t cheat,
Because then you’ll find the hidden treats!

Clue 1
Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore,
Scary witches at your door.

Clue 2
Witches have a crooked nose,
Go and look where you keep your clothes.

Clue 3
Watch out for the Halloween ghost,
Check out where you make your toast.

Clue 4
Bats fly around at night,
Quickly find your toilet light!

Clue 5
A witch cackles loudly and a ghost says BOO,
Where is your milk kept? There might be a clue.

Clue 6
Zombies are the walking dead
Try looking under your bed.

Clue 7
Clattering skeletons are nothing but bones,
Have a look under the phone.

Clue 8
Pumpkins are orange, grinning and scary,
Do you have something that’s cuddly and hairy?

Clue 9
Witches use their cauldron to brew,
You better go and check your loo!

Clue 10
Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf and Mummies,
Seek out the room where you’d find something yummy!

3. Halloween Scavenger Hunt

The children are given a list of Halloween-themed items to find. We’ve given you a free printable version in our Top 10 Halloween Games and Activities. Once all the items have been found, they receive their Trick or Treat bag.

4. Glow-in-the-Dark Egg Hunt

These eggs can be purchased online. Fill the eggs with treats and hide them around the house/garden. Just be careful when walking around in the dark!

5. Make a Halloween Pinata

There are plenty of step-by-step online tutorials, on how to make a pinata. Imagine the fun of making and decorating the pinata with your little ones, filling with goodies and then bashing it to pieces! Spooktacular!

Sugar overload!

As a parent, I like to encourage healthy eating but Halloween is often a sugar heavy festival! Therefore, I thought I’d share some themed alternatives to the typical sweet treats:

  • Halloween puzzle, activity or colouring book
  • Halloween stickers or tattoos
  • Halloween toys, for example a Lego figure
  • Glow in the dark toys, for example glow sticks or a bouncy ball
  • Halloween ‘Pin The’ game, which you can then play afterwards!
  • Halloween activity pack
  • Paint a wooden or ceramic ornament

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